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Grief is a natural part of life when someone we love dies. Finding your way after a death may be difficult. You don’t have to do it alone. UpliftedCare has helped many people through their grief journey. There is never a charge for our grief counseling services.

Here are some of the ways UpliftedCare can help:

Private Counseling

Our grief support services include individual counseling and counseling for families.

Support Groups

Groups are open to anyone with separate groups for adults, children, and teenagers.


Our monthly grief workshops and events are open to families of our patients as well as others in the community.

Meet Our Counselors

Our dedicated counselors provide expert grief support to individuals of all ages.


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The Bereavement Program

UpliftedCare’s bereavement counselors are highly skilled and specially trained to assist those who have suffered a loss as they journey through the grief process. The bereavement programs are open to families of hospice patients as well as other grieving members of the community. A member of our bereavement team is available to speak with you about your loss. The bereavement team is also available to speak to business and community groups about grief and coping with loss, including workplace grief and issues involving child grief.

UpliftedCare recognizes that healing from grief is not easy and believes education and support can help anyone through the grief process. Grief is a life-long process whereby the goal is not to “get over grief” instead it is to discover a new relationship with the deceased based on the love and memories that live on. Though there is no single path through grief, when given a safe, trusting place surrounded by care and support UpliftedCare believes everyone has the ability to heal and live a productive joyful life. Unattended grief will eventually surface, often in unhealthy ways including depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, inability to maintain healthy relationships and even suicidal ideations. Thus UpliftedCare Community Grief Center was created with many ways to help you on the grief journey as well as providing helpful resources.

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Bereavement Support Groups

These groups are open to anyone in the community who has experienced the death of a loved one. UpliftedCare Community Grief Center offers separate groups for adults, children, and teenagers. We also offer a series of different specialized groups throughout the year. Check the information listed below for group descriptions, dates and times, or call (815) 939-4141 and ask to speak with our bereavement intake coordinator for more information. 

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Children’s Bereavement Counseling

Our bereavement counselors specialize in working with children through this difficult and sometimes confusing time. Whether or not the child has had an experience with a loved one on hospice, we are here to help the entire community, regardless of their circumstance. Our counselors can provide individual counseling in the school setting, home, or in our main office. Please call (815) 939-4141 for more information.

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Individual Counseling

A member of our bereavement team is available to speak with you about your loss. These can be in-person or by telehealth at your preference. Please call (815) 939-4141 for more information.


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Women’s Talk n Tea Group:

Tuesdays 10-11a, Group 1 meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays; Group 2 meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays monthly 

No extra materials needed 

This is an opportunity for women to identify and discuss issues/challenges women face after the death of a loved one. Through conversation and a cup of tea, women will learn more about their individual grief journeys.  

This group focusses on women supporting each other through being together in a comfortable setting with a warm cup of tea. 

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Men’s Coffee & Conversation:

2nd and 4th Mondays at 10:00am 

This is an open support group where men can share and discuss their challenges after the loss of a loved one in a comfortable setting.  

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Seasoned with Memories and Hope:

Thursdays, 6-7 pm 

Group will focus on how to cope when the calls, cards and visits stop. It will provide an opportunity to share and learn to navigate the loneliness/isolation that can occur after a death. A video, Tear Soup, and other activities will be used to learn ways to handle the difficult period a few weeks to months after losing a loved one. 

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Grief with Harry Potter and other Fictional Characters:

Every Thursday, 4:30pm; Group for teens 13-17 

Teens 13-17 are invited to work through the grief of losing a loved one through the use of Harry Potter and other fictional stories. Harry Potter experiences losses including his parents, his grandfather, his friend, his pet and more. Participants will relate Harry Potter’s story and other fictional stories to learn about the stages of grief, identifying support systems and coping skills, remembering those who have passed, seeing the world in a different way and more. 

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Dealing with Sudden Loss:

Every Wednesday, 10 am 

John Hopkins describes sudden loss as “a death that happens unexpectedly and suddenly, like a fatal accident or heart attack. Such tragedies can leave someone shocked and confused. Loved ones are often left with many questions, unresolved issues and a range of emotions, including anger, grief and pain.” If you have recently experienced a sudden loss or are still struggling from a sudden loss in your life, you are invited to join Dealing with Sudden Loss. We will work through a booklet called “Sudden Loss: A Guide to Understanding Traumatic Grief” that discusses sudden loss, the effects of losing someone, coping skills and more. 

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Letting Go of Guilt:

Friday, 10-11 am, 4 sessions 

When a loved one dies, it is human nature for bereaved individuals to have thoughts of regret.  However, the more that we think about thoughts of regret, it is possible to have guilt issues. This support group discusses how thoughts of regret can lead to guilt issues.  Guilt issues can weigh bereaved individuals down.  We will focus on letting go of guilt issues.  Our loved ones would not want us to feel guilt over their deaths. 

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Finding Your New Normal:

Mondays, 10-11am, 6 sessions 

When a loved one dies, grieving individuals face the challenge of adapting to their absence.  We can help.  Grieving the loss of a loved one brings many changes and challenges.  Adapting to so many changes may seem overwhelming.  With handouts and discussion, we will work together in the process of establishing a “new normal”. 

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Inside Out: A Journey of Grief:

First Saturday monthly, 10-11a 

Children ages 5-12 are invited to work through the grief of losing a loved one through the use of the movie “Inside Out”. Inside Out explores the feelings of joy, disgust, sadness and fear that young Riley experiences as she grows up and as she experiences losses in her life. This group will use the movie to explore how to identify different emotions, remembering their loved one, understanding grief, identifying supports and coping skills and more. 

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Honoring Mom Workshop:

May 6, 10-11:30a 

This is an opportunity for anyone who has lost a mom to come together with others who have experienced the same loss to feel less alone in their grief. Workshop includes discussion, activity and snack. Everyone will have a keepsake to take home to remember mom.  

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Remembering Dad Workshop:

June 10, 10-11:30a 

A workshop to remember our dads whom we have lost. The opportunity to be with others who have experienced losing a father. This workshop will include a reading, activities, discussion, a snack and group sharing with a keepsake to take home to remember Dad.  

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Invisible String Workshop:

August 5, 10 – 11:30am 

This is an opportunity for families and individuals to come together and share their loss. Activities will be based on the story “The Invisible String” and include a snack and making a keepsake to take with to help us remember we are always connected to those we have lost.